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We understand that buying or building a home is a lifetime investment. We also understand that you the owner should be treated as such. We are a custom home builder that works closely with the homeowner. Together we can build your dream home.

Many people search for years to find their dream home only to come up empty. As a custom home building company, we can help to solve this problem. We offer custom made homes that reflect your distinct style, all within your budget.

We have several homes in various stages of completion and a model center to show you. Please contact us below to arrange a meeting with Craig Hegstrom the owner of Hegstrom Homes. He will go over your needs and budget at that time and find a home design and location that best suits your family’s needs.

Craig Hegstrom’s philosophy is simple. Involve the homeowner in every aspect of the process and the end result will be perfect. No surprises, no curve balls, only clear and open communication about what to expect. what it will cost, and when it will be done. From estimating the job to the final inspection, Craig involves the homeowner as part of the construction team. He encourages all homeowners to be as involved as they like, listening to their desires, explaining the options and educating them in the process.

Production homebuilding has become a science. Everything is designed to fit  into one of four or five molds. The polar opposite is the big-ticket custom  builder, producing homes filled with expensive surprises hidden around every  corner. In the middle are few options.

But one does stand out………..Hegstrom Homes. Combining the best of  both worlds, Craig Hegstrom offers the creativity and flexibility of a custom  home at a price that is promised.

Craig Hegstrom, Owner

In business for more than 20 years, Craig Hegstrom has incomparable experience and a sterling reputation.... 

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Lucy Vanderwall, Business Administrator

Lucy has worked with Hegstrom Homes since 2005. With over 30 years of Office Management/Business Administration/Accounting... 

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Hegstrom Homes builds for all dreams and lifestyles. From starter homes to retirement, we are proud to accommodate you. If you are unsure about a floor plan, let us show you some of our models to help get you started. 

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